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Monday, September 20, 2004

Testing the envelope.

number zero

Blog inception yesterday, actually, and I have already altered this one post a number of times. Since it is boring and useless, I should just delete it, but it is a reminder, of sorts, when this was at least conceived, even if it is not the true beginning of this. Over the time spanning from this entry until the next, I have honed the look of things to my temporary satisfaction, and then waited for my planned grand entrance: Sunshine's Flag Day where we will both discover where we will be shortly living.

...until then, there will be very little to write about.

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It's that time again. Beginner headquarters is picking-up house and relocating back to the United States on July twenty-fifth, 2009, to enjoy a month at home with family and friends. By the end of August we'll have set-up a semi-permanent household in Washington, DC, near the Cleveland Park metro stop on the red line. [DC metro map] Then, sometime after Labor Day, our boxes and boxes of stuff should catch up with us. After that it'll be smooth sailing till sometime in July 2010, when we will be moving abroad again, this time to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina for a little real winter.

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